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Cloud SaaS Suite

PiperHR - Human Resource Management


HRMS – Human Resource Management System
Features include, 
  • Payroll
  • Employee Management
  • Leave and Attendance Management
  • Roles Management
  • Mobile App
  • Employee Expenses


Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets And Expensive Apps

Makto offers a suite of software applications to manage your human resources and associated processes through the employee lifecycle.

What’s unique about Makto?

Our subscription model allows you to create a central repository related to your employees, compensation, and expenses. There are fewer to nil compliance risks while achieving high employee engagement. 
With our suite of services, businesses can improve productivity, make informed decisions and ensure that the processes are more efficient.


A well-appointed payroll management can considerably relieve your HR department from monotonous tasks. Our SaaS-based payroll software computes salaries and deductions and processes salaries swiftly and precisely.
Our full-service payroll solutions automate tax filing and deposits. Employees need not approach HR to access payslips and generate Form 16 and other statutory tax-related matters. Now, issuing payments, managing individual deductions, and calculating earnings are a breeze. And this saves you time and money for both the employer and employee.
While we take care of your repetitive tasks with efficiency, you can utilize your precious time to focus more on the core operations of your business. 

Employee Management

A robust employee management system makes a big difference to any organization.

Leave and Attendance Management

Employees can apply for leaves to the concerned reporting Manager within minutes and receive approvals online. 
HR teams can track employee attendance, employee progress, manager assessments, and disciplinary actions, if any, on the platform. 
HR can create timesheet structures, overtime procedures, time-off policies, and approvals automated with control and efficiency. Employee performance review process, goal management can be set up, too. HR can transparently manage loss-of-pay or unpaid leaves.

Roles Management

Providing security roles and rights is a critical part of protecting confidential details. It’s essential to restrict what your employees see and what your employees should not see. With this tool, it is easy to accomplish all your employees’ roles.
Charting out and implementing role-based systems between employees, management, and admin increases security and efficiency. It also facilitates performance evaluations, feedback, and better financial management. The SaaS-based access control or permission management allows employees to use or access information and reports while ensuring complete control over systems. 

Data Security

The HR department is vulnerable as HR data contains personal information and important details about employees. With several employees working from home, in the current scenario, the threat to data security is very high. To protect data and prevent unauthorized access, HR can store all employee work-related data and critical personal details and manage them efficiently with Makto.
You can store all employee work-related and critical personal details and manage them securely and efficiently with Makto.

Employee Expenses

Managing employee expenses is one of the key functions of HR. An automated expense management system can streamline the entire process. Makto makes employee expenses management faster and more efficient. It eliminates the errors that are common with the manual process and brings in transparency. 
With Makto, the whole expense management process becomes faster. With several employees in an organization, there are high chances for non-compliance, especially in employee expenses. With Makto’s advanced employee management system, it eliminates the risk and flags off suspicious expenses. As everything is online and available on a single platform, it ensures compliance and saves unnecessary expenses for the organization.
With Makto, employees can raise expense requests quickly and track the details and request status. It ensures faster reimbursements and offers a streamlined expense management process. 

Mobile App

The HRMS web application allows your employees to use mobile phones to access, refresh and connect with HR-related information. The Mobile App makes is easy for employees to access HR activities with the tap of a button.