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Transforming Business into Digital Era

About the Company

Makto Technology Private Limited, provides IT services and solutions pioneering in Cloud Management, Data Visualization, SaaS product suite encompassing enterprise grade warehouse management, applicant tracking software, VPS servers and application development and maintenance.
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Recent Articles

Fitness for youth: the right weight training for the right age
This one is about why we shouldn’t trust fitness guides completely
5 Athletic-performance supplements: what’s the evidence?
A very interesting, yet a bit terrifying information about food supplements

Corporate Blog

Stepping into an advanced Portal and the Global market!
A walk towards futuristic portal and cutting edge technology to reach out global markets makto's determination to explore new markets in cloud services and digitalization using our finest…
Digitalizing your business and going cloud! 
Digitalizing and installing cloud infrastructure to oversee your business efficiently and hassle free. improve workflow, security and scalability of your business with cost effective modules of 'Makto' Digitalization is…

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