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Data Analytics Services


Makto Technology Private Limited’s data visualization services allow you to visually represent your data with eye-catching dashboards.
We help businesses turn data into useful insights. The dashboard allows you to examine an infinite number of visual metrics. You can now view and understand data from any location.
We evaluate your business needs and assist you in implementing Business Intelligence by identifying important KPIs that are critical to your success. For your company, bridging the gap between numbers and solutions is now a breeze. With the correct visualization tools and cutting-edge technologies, we not only display the charts, but also enable you to convert them into actions. Makto Technology offers Sales Dashboard, Marketing Dashboard, and Incident Management.

Why Choose Us?

We know what you’re up to and admire what you’re doing. We designed our dashboard so that you can see the most important indicators at a glance. The number of sales, revenue, cost, profit, upsell and cross-sell, as well as accumulated and incremental sales, is all included in our Sales KPI dashboard.
You may easily tweak the metrics to your needs and grant or deny access/permissions to your team to view them.
Our Sales Dashboard is simple to use and visualizes your data in a matter of seconds. We analyse any data—from large spreadsheets to databases, Hadoop, and cloud services—we manage huge and unstructured data in any form.

Sales Dashboard

Access your real-time sales data anytime, anywhere
Makto Advantages
  • Easy overview of KPIs
  • Business tracking
  • Business Intelligence for informed decisions

Marketing Dashboard

Our marketing dashboards pull data from multiple CRM applications and excel documents, including social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, digital advertising campaigns, and internal budgets and campaigns. You can personalize the dashboard to reflect your company’s identity.
We provide you with powerful real-time data and marketing insights to help you make better business decisions.
Marketing dashboard KPIs provide you with instant access to your data as soon as it is generated. Using the insights, you can make real-time changes to campaigns.

Incident Management

Prepare and take charge of everything
Our Incident Management dashboard responds to unplanned events or service interruptions and restores the service to its operational state. We provide you with peace of mind throughout the process, from preparation to detection, reporting, triage, and analysis, containment and neutralization, and post-incident activity.

CXO Dashboard

Our CXO dashboard is especially suited for the CXO and Management team. 
The highlights of CXO dashboards include
  • Scorecards and KPI
  • Delivery of reports by email, browser, Smartphone
  • Limited drill down
  • Rich dashboards, advanced charting